Wärtsilä SparkUp Challenge terms and conditions

– SparkUp Challenge (“Challenge”) organized by Wärtsilä Group is targeted for start-ups, growth companies and Universities and aims to discover unique ideas or products (“Idea”) that could be used in marine and energy industries. Also private persons with interest to potentially establish a company for the purposes of the Challenge are eligible to participate. Wärtsilä employees and their family members are not allowed to participate the Challenge.

– The submitting Party is responsible for ensuring that it possesses all the necessary rights to the Idea in order to enter the Challenge as described herein. Wärtsilä accepts no liability for any infringement of third parties’ intellectual property rights by the Idea or any elements therein.

– Participation in the Challenge does not oblige Wärtsilä Group to commit itself to any form of collaboration with the participants unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

– Wärtsilä Group accepts no responsibility to cover any costs which the participant may incur in connection with the Challenge unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

– Wärtsilä Group will handle all the submitted Ideas in a confidential manner, and no information thereof shall be disclosed to public or third parties without the consent of respective participant.

– The winners of the Challenge will be notified individually.

– The prize for the winners of the Challenge is a co-creation project at Wärtsilä’s premises for a period determined by Wärtsilä.

– Winning participant is expected to be dedicated during the co-creation period to ensure the most successful outcome. Wärtsilä Group agrees to support the co-creation by providing relevant industry know-how and expertise.

– Participation in the Challenge shall not affect any foreground intellectual property rights the participant may have in relation to the Idea at the time of submission

– Wärtsilä Group shall have a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual license  to any Ideas, technology and/or intellectual property rights developed during or otherwise used in the Challenge.

–Participants agree refrain from entering into and/or announcing any partnerships during their participation in the Challenge and any collaboration phase which may follow.

– Wärtsilä Group reserves all rights to select the winner of the Challenge at its sole discretion based on criteria “best fit for the purpose” and also reserves the right to close the Challenge without selecting a winner.

– This Challenge shall be governed by the laws of Finland

PRIVACY NOTICE – Smart Energy SparkUp Challenge

  1. Purpose of this Privacy Notice

Purpose of this Privacy Notice is to provide information about processing of participants’ (start-ups’ employees and representatives) personal data in the Smart Energy SparkUp Challenge.

  1. Lawfulness of Processing of Personal Data

Legal ground for processing of participants’ personal data is based on the necessity for the performance of a contract to which the participant is a party (registration and participation to the SparkUp Challenge).

  1. Purpose of Processing of Personal Data

The purpose for processing of participants’ personal data is to keep in contact during the SparkUp Challenge application and challenge phases.

  1. Personal Data Disclosure

Participants’ personal data may be disclosed to Wärtsilä’s subcontractor, Avanto Ventures, to approach the start-up and invite it to the challenge, to interviews and to the challenge day, to  keep the applicants informed throughout the entire SparkUp Challenge and when handling participants’ travel expenses.

  1. Collected Personal Data
  • Name: first and last name
  • Contact details: e-mail, mobile phone number
  1. Regular sources of information

Participants’ personal data is received from the participants and from Avanto Ventures, which assists Wärtsilä in engaging potential start-ups to the SparkUp Challenge.

  1. Data Retention

Participants’ personal data will be stored for the duration of the SparkUp Challenge. After the termination of the SparkUp Challenge, all participants’ personal data will be deleted. Personal data included in the Non-Disclosure Agreement between Wärtsilä and the participant will be stored for as long as the Non-Disclosure Agreement remains valid and what is required in applicable local legislation.

  1. Participants’ rights

Participant is entitled to obtain information of personal data concerning him/her which Wärtsilä is processing and obtain a copy of such personal data.

Participant is entitled to have any such personal data that is inaccurate, outdated, unnecessary or contrary to the purposes of data processing corrected or erased.

Participant is also entitled to ask Wärtsilä to restrict processing of assignee’s personal data for example when assignee is waiting for Wärtsilä’s answer to assignee’s access or erasure request.

Participant may use his/her rights provided in this section by using the contact details provided in this Privacy Notice.

If Wärtsilä does not follow the applicable data protection regulation, participant is entitled to file a complaint with competent data protection authority.

  1. Contacting Wärtsilä

In all questions and matters relating to personal data processing or rights of the participant, participants can contact Wärtsilä Corporation. Wärtsilä Corporation shall further communicate the matter to the Wärtsilä entity considered as the data controller in the respective case. Participants use their rights by e-mail to dataprotection@wartsila.com.